Scanning service for film and prints

I can offer a high quality scanning service for the following media;

35mm slides

35mm negs, colour and B/W

120 negs, colour, B/W and transparencies

Old prints requiring touch up and correction.

Price on application

5 thoughts on “Scanning service for film and prints

  1. colleen e says:

    I thought I would be nosey and do a test run.
    I liked best the old leaf………………..probably because it is a familiar object presented in a different way.
    May you enjoy posting lots more and, hopefully,. have a rewarding arm to your business.
    PS do you identify Adelaide as your geographic zone??.

  2. TimGladdis says:

    My interest in photography goes back to when I was 13, I found an old enlarger which was a folding camera converted into an enlarger, it was simply working in reverse. It was made by my uncle Edd and I still have it today. I would carry buckets of water into this little room under the house and spend hours printing all my latest ‘work’, I’ve still got those prints too. This carried on into high school where I got to use a 35mm reflex camera, wow! After dad found out I was using such a camera at school, he finally let me use his Paxette range finder camera, and I never looked back. Grandad gave me a 6 x 9 Ricoh box like camera and what do you know, I have a collection! At last count I have 35 cameras.

    Fast forward to post RAN and I was given a Praktika MTL4 35mm SLR for Christmas one year. After using this for a while I became aware that I needed to upgrade, so began my journey of ever better 35mm SLR’s and lenses, trading up on second hand equipment. There was plenty around then. After starting at art school I further discovered medium format again, only this time using a Bronica. This camera system suited me better, as I was able to obtain high res prints, and it’s a different way of photography. There are only 12 frames on a roll, but the beauty of these cameras is that one can have loaded backs ready to replace the exposed one. My search took me to the Hasselblad 500CM, and this to me is the Rolls Royce of medium format cameras. No batteries, no light meter, just a mechanical box and a glorious lens to view through.

    So I’m a film tragic, but now the digital age is here, the advantages for me have been amazing. I firmly believe that film will never be matched by digital, however, the high end work done with 4 x 5 digital backs is mind blowing, look at fashion for instance. Now I can use my film, scan it on my high res scanner and the results are spectacular. With B/W, which is my forte, what used to be a time consuming and sometimes frustrating task, spotting photos with a fine brush, compared to Photoshop, is chalk and cheese. It’s almost a pleasure to spot images!

    I’d appreciate any feedback, then at least I know someone’s had a look!

  3. ce says:

    I am more than pleased that you are using your talents.
    Photography is something that does not have a redundancy or retirement date. I started out in high school learning the fine art of Box Brownie pics and developing films in the kitchen using a ruby globe. I am so pleased to have digital. No wet hands or messy kitchens.
    You are much more than a happy snapper.
    I look forward to seeing SA through your lens.
    Can you bring a few business cards next time we meet. I will spread them around when opportunity arises.

    1. TimGladdis says:

      Glad to hear that, have you got a need for scanning?


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