Tanzania – east Africa

I fulfilled a pilgrimage in March 2019, where I visited my mother grave, situated in the middle of Tanzania, in a place called Mwadui. The town is run by Williamson Diamonds Ltd, and in 1956 my parents and 6 month old me, left Portsmouth UK for a 3 year contract in Mwadui, where my dad was to work on the plant machinery, for the mine. Long story short, in 1958 my mother got malaria and died on March 2, hence my reason for being there in March. Having only photos and some 8mm film of her, I felt the need to seek out where she lay, and the experience for me was a quiet but significant closure. In fact Mr John Williamson also died in 1958, in January, the actual date is under conjecture. There in it’s self is another incredible journey, as to how he developed the mine to it’s significance today.

The island of Zanzibar is a clash of 1900 and 2019 all mixed into one! Not knowing much about the place made for a wonderful journey of exploration, a person could spend considerable time there and still overlook little gems of places. The food is as fresh as possible, resources are quite antiquated but the job still gets done, Africa style!

These women live life on the edge, but you’d never know, because they don’t complain. This was taken in Dar es Salaam.

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